Terms and conditions


1Q: How does our website work?
A. You can search https://bestwinbazarltd.com/ from google browse or use our search engine to find the products you like. You can then click Place Order to add the products of your choice to your shopping bag. You tell us your address there, and; Confirm your order Bestwin shopping representative will contact you and deliver your product to you on time.

2Q. How much does delivery cost?
A. If the value of the order is less than 1000 taka, you have to pay 100 taka as delivery fee. If it is more than that, the delivery fee should be paid more.

3Q: How can I contact you?
A. You can contact us on this hotline number +8801735225417, or on this email Can mail bestwinbazarltd@gmail.com

4Q. What time do you delivery?
A. We provide everyday  booking and delivery from 8am to 10pm.

5Q. How do I know if my order has been confirmed here?
A. You will be notified via email once your order is confirmed.

6Q, How do I pay?
A. We accept cash on delivery and we have online banking system, bkash, cash and rocket services as well. don't worry Our Bestwin shopping representatives are always ready to serve.

7Q: Do you deliver to my area?
A. We are currently serving all over Bangladesh.

8Q. I can't find the product What can I do?
A. We are always open to new suggestions and will add items to our inventory just for you. Let us know your requirements. You can also call +8801735225417 or email us: bestwinbazarltd@gmail.com

9Q. My order is wrong. What do I do?
A. Please Immediately call +8801735225417 and let us know the problem.

10Q: What do you deliver during the strike?
A. We try our best to deliver during strike time.

11Q. Why I buy from you if I get my nearest stores ?
A. Well, it's up to you but you can buy your favorite products from us anytime, we have different items, And sometimes you can get it at a low price from your neighborhood store or supermarket.

12Q. What is the price of your products?
A. Our product prices are our own but we try our best offer to you or below the market price. Our price is same as local market. If you think the price of the product has been abnormally increased, please let us know.

13Q. How do you deliver?
A. We deliver by our own method.

14Q. What is your return policy?
A. You may return the product within seven (7) days if the package has not been opened or damaged, but there is also a one (1) day return policy for perishable products.


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