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Books     Social Sciences     Politics, Human Rights and Conflict

Aka Firowz Ahmad, Sharif As Saber, Md Rafiqul Islam, Naqib M Nasrullah


Part One : Politics, Democratic Governance and Unionism            19


  1. Political Parties and Democracy in Bangladesh                              21

      Md. Enayet Ullah Patwary


  1. The State of Democratic Governance in Bangladesh                      33

      Md. Rafiqul Islam


  1. Role of Election Commission in Ensuring Free and

Fair Election in Bangladesh                                                              47

      Rawnak Jahan and Moyenul Hasan


  1. Interpreting South Asian Unionism: myth or reality?                     61

      Rakibul Hasan


Part Two : Rule of Law, Human Rights and Justice                         75


  1. Children Working in Welding sectors: Shocks,

Vulnerabilities and Survival Strategies                                             77

Md. Imran Khan


  1. Right to Food and Role of the State to Ensure Food Security

in Bangladesh: Need of a right based approach                           89

Badsha Mia


  1. Laws on Data Protection and Administration in Bangladesh: Exploring Safeguards to Ensure Right to Privacy                         103

Md. Saimum Reza Talukder


  1. Interconnecting governance and penal policies for achieving justice, social and economic development                                               127

Sultana Jahan


  1. Backlog of Cases: Rule of Law Assessment in Bangladesh        141

Md Nurul Momen


10.  Child labor and Bangladesh RMG Sector                                     157

Mohammad Hasan


Part Three : Dimensions of Conflict and Approaches to

                        Resolution                                                                      167


11.  Approaches to Conflict Resolution: A Study on Local Level Conflicts in Bangladesh                                                                  169

      Saifuddin Ahmed

      Zunaid Almamun


12.  Terrorist Tactics and Counter Terrorism Challenges in Bangladesh                                                                                                           183

      Md. Jahidul Islam


13.  A Comparative Analysis of Maritime Boundary Dispute

between Bangladesh and India: Whether it is an Equitable Solution or Not?                                                                                              203

      Khalid Yaheaya