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Books     Social Sciences     Citizen’s Charter in Bangladesh Rhetoric or Reality? A Study of Immigration and Passports Department

Farhana Razzaque

Foreword                                                                                                     vi

Acknowledgement                                                                                      vii

List of Abbreviations                                                                                   xi


Chapter 1                                                                                                      

        Citizen’s Charter: Emerging New Culture Around the World       13

Introduction                                                                                         13

Practice of New Public Management in Public Service Delivery          14

State of service delivery in DIP                                                           16

Methodology and Data Sources                                                           18


Chapter 2                                                                                                      

        Literature Review on CC and Analytical Framework                     21

Introduction                                                                                         21

New Public Management and Spread of Citizen’s Charter Recipe       21

Concept of Citizen’s Charter: What is it?                                             24

Principles of Citizen’s Charter                                                             24

Making the CC Recipe Effective: An Organizational Cultural Perspective                                                                                          26

Acceptance of CC Recipe: A Public Personnel Perspective                  29

Effectiveness of Citizen’s Charter Program                                         30

Factors responsible for effectiveness of CC program                           34


Chapter 3                                                                                                      

Evolution of Citizen’s Charter                                                          43

Origin of Citizen’s Charter                                                                  43

Objectives of Citizen’s Charter                                                            44

Theoretical Underpinnings of Citizen’s Charter                                   45

Views of Scholars’ on Citizen’s Charter                                              45

Critics of Citizen’s Charter                                                                  46

Citizen’s Charter in International Context                                            47

Citizen’s Charter Initiative in Bangladesh                                            48


Chapter 4                                                                                                      

        Service Quality of Department of Immigration and Passports       53

Timeliness Quality in DIP                                                                   53

Accessibility or Tangibility Quality in DIP                                          55

Responsiveness and Friendliness Quality in DIP                                 59

Cost Effectiveness Quality of DIP Services                                         62

Grievance Redressal Quality of DIP                                                    64

Discussions on Findings                                                                      66

Chapter 5                                                                                                      

        Analysis on How Organizational Culture and Human Resources

        Affect the Effectiveness of Citizen’s Charter Program                   69

Analyses on Organizational Culture                                                     69

Delegation of Authority between Superiors and Subordinates

Power Distance                                                                                    69

Impact of High Power Distance Culture on Effectiveness of CC program in DIP                                                                                   76

Uncertainty Avoidance                                                                        79

Impact of Strong Uncertainty Avoidance Culture on

Effectiveness of CC Program                                                               88

Data Presentation and Analyses on Human Resources                         90


Chapter 6                                                                                                      

        Summary and Discussions                                                                 95

Major Findings on Service Delivery Quality: The Extent of Success of CC Program at DIP                                                                              95

How is CC Influenced by Organizational Culture and Human Resources?                                                                                           96

A Model for Making CC Initiative Effective in Public Organizations of Bangladesh                                                                                          97