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Books     Social Sciences     Innovation in Governance Lessons from Transition Economy
Innovation in Governance Lessons from Transition Economy

Written By : Sharif As-Saber Aka Firowz Ahmad Niaz Ahmed Khan

Book Code : 978-984-920

Price : 650

Sharif As-Saber Aka Firowz Ahmad Niaz Ahmed Khan

Introduction                                                                                                13


Part One : Public Policy, Administration and Governance             19

  1. Public service delivery and multi-level governance: Politics and the room for innovation                                                                         21

Subrata K. Mitra


2.   Good Governance in Bangladesh: A Post-Colonial Encounter

      Md. Mizanur Rahman                                                                       35

      Md. Alauddin


3.   Public Participation towards the Democratic Governance in Bangladesh                                                                                                         45

      Bibi Morium


4.   Governance of Upazila Parishad in the Context of Globalization         57

      Ranjan Kumar Guha


5.   Urban Development and Urban Policy in Bangladesh                         69

      Md Golam Mehedi Hasan

      Jong Youl Lee


6.   Localizing Public Service Delivery in Bangladesh:

      The Gap between Policy and Practice                                                79

      Ferdous Arfina Osman


7.   Japan-USA Relations in the Postwar Period: Learning for Bangladesh                                                                                                      105

      Proshanta Kumer Sarker


8.   Rural Development in the Contemporary                                          113

      Globalized World: Boon or Bane

      Md. Mizanur Rahman


9.   Higher Education in Selected Public and Private Universities in Chittagong: A Study on the Problem and Challenges in

      Ensuring Quality Education                                                             125

      Badsha Mia


10.  Civil Society and Good Governance in Bangladesh:The strategies of

      the civil society to influence the electoral process                           139

      Shamima Tasnin


11. Knowledge Management for Public Governance: A Review of Kautily’s Perspective                                                                                     155

      Aka Firowz Ahmad

      Md. Akram Hossain


12.  Defending Finer’s Accountability Argument: Experience of Social Accountability in the Context of the National Rural Employment

      Guarantee Scheme in India                                                              169

      Pratik Phadukle

Part Two : Political Culture, Media and Governance                   179


13.  Rethinking Political Culture:Bangladesh Perspective                        181

      Md. Aklasur Rahaman

      Ismat Ara Khushi


14.  Political Culture and Governance in Bangladesh                               191

      M. Nurul Islam


15. Influence of Political Parties in the Judicial Process in Bangladesh    199

      Md. Nurul Momen


16.  Role of Media and Governance for bridging socio-political barriers:

      Japan-Bangladesh perspective                                                         205

      Md. Jahangir Alam


17.  Emerging Digital Culture of Bangladesh and in Higher Education     221                                                                                                           

      Muhammed Shahriar Haque


18.  Promoting Good Governance Role of Media                                    233

      Md. Mostafizur Rahaman


19.  Freedom of Mass Media in Bangladesh: A Quest for Legal Barriers  249

      Sharmin Akter


Part Three : Entrepreneurship, E-Governance and Digital Culture           267



20   The State of E-Services Delivery in Bangladesh: Assessing Status through Content Analysis of Selected Government Websites             269                                                                                                           

      Fouzia Nasreen Sultana

      Irin Parvin


21.  Information Technology and Changing Practices of Management:

      A Study on Small and Medium Scale Industries of Bangladesh         283

      Saiful Islam


22.  Understanding Citizen’s Intention to Use Mobile Government

      Services in Bangladesh: Role of Perceived Good Governance

      and Less Corruption                                                                        300

      Mst Rebeka Sultana

      Abdul Rahman Ahlan


23.  Bureaucracy and E-government: A study of e-procurement initiatives in Bangladesh                                                                                     313

      Farhina Ahme

      Sharif As-Saber

      Simon Fry

      RFI Smith


24.  The role of union information and Service Centres (Uisc) in Developing entrepreneurship                                                           329

      Md Gofran Faroqi