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Books     Social Sciences     Strengthening Local Government in Bangladesh
Strengthening Local Government in Bangladesh

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Foreword                                                                                                        vii

Preface                                                                 ix

List of Figures and Tables                                                                               xv

List of Acronyms                                                                                           xvi          


Chapter One

Introductory Discussion                                                                                 17

Introduction                                                                                                    17

Background of the Study                                                                                17

Justification and Significant                                                                            18

Objectives                                                                                                       21

Research Questions                                                                                         21

Variables of the Study                                                                                     21

Methodology                                                                                                  22

Limitations of the Study                                                                                  28

Structure of the Book                                                                                      29

Conclusion                                                                                                      30


Chapter Two

Theoretical and Conceptual Framework                                                        31

Introduction                                                                                                    31

Operational Definition                                                                                    31

Empowerment                                                                                                 31

Cycle of Empowerment                                                                                  34

Characteristics of Empowered People                                                             34

Participation                                                                                                    34

Elements of Participation                                                                                36

The Participative Process                                                                                37

Leadership                                                                                                      37

Components of Leadership                                                                             38

Local Government                                                                                          39

Strengthening of local government System                                                     39

Conceptual Framework                                                                                   40

Leadership and its Development at Union Parishad                                        41

Local Government and Leadership in Bangladesh                                          44

Conclusion                                                                                                      49


Chapter Three

Review of Literature                                                                                       51

The Contribution of Empowerment to Strengthen Local

Government System                                                                                        51

Participation of Elected Local People Representatives is Mandatory

for Strengthening of Local Government System                                             53

The Role of Effective Leadership in Strengthening Local

Government System                                                                                        55

Decentralization                                                                                              58


Chapter Four

Union Parishad in Bnagladesh                                                                       63

Introduction                                                                                                    63

Evolution of Union Parishad in Bangladesh                                                    63

Legal Basis of the Union Parishad                                                                  66

Union Parishad at Present                                                                               67

Issues of Union Parishad                                                                                68

Structure of the UP                                                                                         69

Term of Union Parishads                                                                                69

Personnel Systems of Union Parishad                                                             70

Responsibilities of the UP                                                                               70

The UP Standing Committees                                                                         71

Conclusion                                                                                                      75


Chapter Five

Empowerment, Participation and Leadership : Current Realities                  77

Strengthening Local Government System through Effective Leadership         77

Effective Leadership in Union Parishad (UP)                                                 79

Political Pressure                                                                                             81

Excessive Control of the Central Government on Union Parishad                  81

Mismanagement of Local Resources                                                               81

Absence of Proper Co-ordination                                                                   82

No Transportation Facilities for Elected Members of Union Parishads            82

Strengthening Local government Bodies through Empowerment

(Institutional & Individual)                                                                             82

Which Policies are Followed in the Distribution of Delegated Duties,

responsibilities and allocation of wealth and resources in Union

Parishad (UP)                                                                                                 87          

Whether Empowerment and People’s Representatives Participation

are Required or not for Implementation of Development Projects and

Plans in the Study Area.                                                                                  88

Insufficient Fund                                                                                            88          

Inefficient Administration and Village Court                                                  88

Partial Accountability and Transparency                                                         89

Insufficient Manpower                                                                                    89

Institutional Inefficiency                                                                                 90

Strengthening local government System through People’s

Representative Participation                                                                            90

The Procedure of Involvement of Local People in the Development

Programs and Planning                                                                                   94

Elected Representatives are Disagreed in the Participation

of Development Activities                                                                               97

The Level of Awareness is Growing up Among the Local People                  97

Positive Approaches Exist through Personal Initiatives                                   97

Some Hindrances of People’s Representative Participation at the UP level     97


Chapter Six

Strengthening of Local Government: The Empirical Findings                       99 

Introduction                                                                                                    99 

Knowledge of the UP Chairmen and Members on UP Ordinance,

roles and responsibilities                                                                                 99

Problem with the Standing Committees                                                         100

Limitation of the Knowledge Regarding Village Courts                                100

Limitation of the Collection of UP based Revenue                                        101

Lacking of the Knowledge Regarding Using tax                                           101

Lacking of Knowledge Regarding Budget Procedure                                   101

Irregular Book Keeping                                                                                102

Awareness Regarding Audit                                                                         102

Irregular Office Timing                                                                                 102

Uneven UP Meeting                                                                                      103

Register Keeping                                                                                           103

Selection of VGF Cards Beneficiaries                                                           103

Annual Development Plan                                                                            104

Scheme Implementations                                                                              104

Coordination with Stakeholders                                                                    105

Negligible Women Participation                                                                   105

Elite Control                                                                                                  106


Chapter Seven

Concluding Remarks                                                                                     107

Introduction                                                                                                  107

Analysis of the Study Findings                                                                     107

Recommendations                                                                                         110

Conclusion                                                                                                    111


Bibliography                                                                                                115          


Annexure                                                                                                     121