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Books     Social Sciences     Towards Good Governance in South-Asia
Towards Good Governance in South-Asia

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Towards Good Governance in South-Asia: An Introduction                 7

Juha Vartola, Ismo Lumijärvi, Mohammed Asaduzzaman


Governance and Development Discourse in Bangladesh:                    19

A Diagnostic Assessment of Challenges and Concerns

Salahuddin M. Aminuzzaman


Problems and Prospects of Good Governance in Bangladesh              41

Ahmed Shafiqul Huque 


Integrated Governance in Sri Lanka: A Conceptual Myth or               65

a Practical Reality?

Ramanie Samaratunge, Ken Coghill


Policy and Politics of Preference: The Quota System in the                 85

Bangladesh Civil Service1

Habib M. Zafarullah


Decentralization in Nepal and Adoption of Citizen Charter for         105

Improving Service Delivery in Municipalities in Nepal

Tek Nath Dhaka


Of Bureaucracy as Circus Ringmasters in Administrative                  129

Reforms: Notes on India

Amita Singh


Public Service Accessibility to Indigenous Community:                   143

A Case of Santhal Community in Nepal

Shree Krishna Shrestha


Decentralization and New Public Management:                                  161

An analysis in Bangladesh and Nepal Professor Juha

Vartola, Professor Ismo Lumijärvi

Dr. Mohammed Asaduzzaman


Governance in Administration and Judiciary in Bangladesh             187

Mohammad Mohabbat Khan


Multi-Level Education Policy Governance in Sri Lanka:                   199

Prospects and Challenges

Renuka Priyantha

Local Government Reforms in Bangladesh:

Hazy Policy Landscape                                                                         225

Mohammad Habibur Rahman


The Changing Role of Government: Reform of Public                       241

Sector Undertakings (PSUs)

Shipra Bhatia


Decentralisation Reform and People’s Participation:                          271

Empirical Observations from the Philippines

Risako ISHII and Farhad HOSSAIN


Analyzing Parliamentary Election of 2008 in                                      291

Bangladesh and its Aftermath

shtiaq Jamil, PhD, Pranab Kumar Panday, PhD


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