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Books     Social Sciences     Administrative Reform Theoretical Perspective
Administrative Reform Theoretical Perspective

Written By : Dr. Mohammad Mohabbat Khan

Book Code : 978-984-926

Price : 350

Dr. Mohammad Mohabbat Khan

Reprint Permissions                                                                                 vii

Acknowledgements                                                                                  ix

List of Contributors                                                                                  xi


1. Introduction                                                                                        15


2.  Administrative Reform An Overview                                            23

     Mohammad Mohabbat Khan


3.  Administrative Reform A Conceptual Analysis                           39

     Jon S. T. Quah


4.  Administrative Reform                                                                    61

     Krishna Kumar Tummala


5.  Administrative Reform and Institutional Bureaucracies           81

     Wesley E. Bjur and

     Gerald E. Caiden


6.  "Development" and Administrative Reform                                97

     Muhammad Anisuzzaman and

     Mohammad Mohabbat Khan