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Books     Social Sciences     Governance and Development Changing Dynamics and Shifting Agendas
Governance and Development Changing Dynamics and Shifting Agendas

Written By : Edited by Sharif As-Saber, Aka Firowz Ahmad

Book Code : 978-984-926

Price : 550

Edited by Sharif As-Saber, Aka Firowz Ahmad

Part One : Changing Development Intervention at Rural and Peripheral Levels : Governance Perspectives                                                            19


1.         Changing International Cooperation for Rural Development in Bangladesh: Perspectives on Governance                                           21

        Md. Kamrul Hasan


  1. Community Action Plan (CAP): Supports Local Level Development Programmes                                                                                        33

        Mohammad Yakub


  1. The Role of Micro Finance to Alleviate Rural Poverty of Bangladesh: Ektee Bari Ektee Khamar (One House One Farm) Project                   39 

        Fatema Khatun, and Nahidul Islam


  1. Technical Education and Training for Changing Rural Income in Bangladesh: Prospects and Challenges                                    57

        Kora Hasan Evana


  1. Local Level Governance in Input Delivery: A Case of Urea Fertilizer Marketing for Boro Paddy Cultivation in Bangladesh                         69

        Kamrul Ahsan


  1. Can ‘coproduction’ address governance gaps? Recognizing unrecognized practices in accessing WATSAN services in peri-urban Kolkata                                                                                               85

        Jenia Mukherjee


  1. Patron-Clientelism and Community Participation: Lessons From an Urban Poverty Alleviation Project in Bangladesh                             101

        Parvaz Azharul Huq


Part Two: E-governance: Some Issues from a Developing Country Perspective                                                                                              113


  1. Adaptation Strategy of E-Governance in Bangladesh Public Administration: Prospects and Challenges of E-Governance

system at the Field Administration                                                     115

Mohammad Samiul Islam

Zayeda Sharmin

  1. E-government Efforts against Corruption in Bangladesh: What We Have Done and What We Have to Do                                                        141

Jin Wan Seo

Md Golam Mehedi Hasan


  1. Using Facebook in and Outside of Classroom for

Language Education in Rural Areas of Bangladesh:

Prospects and Challenges                                                                  157

        Nujhat Nuari Islam Shejuty


Part Three: Sustainable Governance: Climate Change,

Environmental Security and Disaster Management                             169


  1. Impacts of Climate Change on Winter Vegetables

and Misery of Peasants to Adapt for Livelihoods

in Dinajpur, Bangladesh                                                                    171

        Md. Moshiur Rahman


  1. Intermediate Technology as Environmental Security                         183

        Muttaki Bin Kamal


  1. Human Rights Issues in Climate Change Governance

in Bangladesh: Adaptation and Migration Perspectives                      195

        MD. Arif chowdhury


  1. Enrichment of Nutrient Status of Water-Soil-Plant

Systems Caused by Industrial Effluents Enhancing

Environmental Pollution                                                                    207

        Sadia Alam Shammi, Abdus salam, and Md. Akhter Hossain


  1. Coal or No Coal: Sustainable Energy Policy for Bangladesh             219

        Mahfuzul Haque


  1. Coordination Challenges in Disaster Management in

the Coastal Areas in Bangladesh                                                        229

        Mst. Marzina Begum