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Books     Social Sciences     Image of Gender Rights, Realities and Rhetorics
Image of Gender Rights, Realities and Rhetorics

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  1. Empowerment of Women with Special Reference to Khasi community in Meghalaya, India                                                     19

        Bhola Nath Ghosh


  1. Perception of Parents towards their Daughter’s Education:

A Study Conducted in Sylhet                                                         33

        Neaz Ahmed


  1. A Critical Examination of the Status of Freedom of Movement of Women in Bangladesh: Holistic Approach                                    47

        Mirza Farzana Iqbal


  1. Role of NGOs in Ensuring Safe Migration for Women Migrant Workers in Bangladesh                                                                    67

        Tania Afrin Tonny


  1.  Older women (User) perspective toward service delivery system of Government Hospital: a study on some Upazila Health Complex of Bangladesh                                                                  81

        Md. Abul Hossen


  1. Rights of the Female Domestic Workers-Rhetoric or Reality: A Sociological Study in Dhaka City                                                  95

        Md. Rakibul Hasan Buiyan


  1. Violence against Women is an Epidemic to the Society of    Bangladesh: A Demonstrative Scenario                                       109

        Sangita Das


  1. Violence Against Women: Politics, Practices and

Challenges in Bangladesh                                                             123

        Toufica Sultana and Shahriar Khandaker


  1. Income and Food Status of Female Garments Worker in Gazipur Area, Bangladeshi                                                                          133

Md. Abdur Rakib, Mohammad Mizanur Rahman