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Books     Social Sciences     Social Change and Development Administration in South Asia
Social Change and Development Administration in South Asia

Written By : Lutful Hoq Choudhury

Book Code : 978-984-904

Price : 450

Lutful Hoq Choudhury

zIntroduction                                                                               xiii

Purpose of the Study                                                                     xiii

Methodology                                                                                 xiii

Significance of the Study                                                               xiv

Outline of the Study                                                                       xiv


Chapter I

Meaning of Social Change                                                           15

What is Social change?                                                                   21

Social Change and Value                                                                23


Chapter II

Social Change in the Indian Subcontinent:

Historical Perspective                                                                   25

Impact of the British Rule on the Indian Subcontinent                      26

Economic Changes                                                                         28

Educational Changes                                                                      29

Legal Changes                                                                                31

Social Changes : The Rise of the Middle Class and its Composition 32

Reactions of the Muslims and the Hindus Towards New                  33

Forces of Change

The Muslim Movement Favouring the New Social Forces               36


Chapter III

Socio-Cultural and Administrative Obstacles to Change and        

Development                                                                                 41

Socio-Cultural Obstacles                                                                 42

Social Cleavage and Cultural Isolation of the Elite                           42

World-View : Universe Controlled by Supernatural Power,

Fatalism and Dependence on Luck                                                  43

Relaxed Time perspective                                                               46

Pre-scientific Mentality                                                                  48

Fear and Skeptical Attitude towards Newness                                 48

Apathy of the People                                                                      49

Rigidly Hierarchical Social Relations                                              50

Absence of Entrepreneurs and Their Low Status                             51

Superstitious Beliefs and Ideas                                                        53

Particularism and Factionalism                                                       54

Administrative Obstacles                                                                55

The Colonial Administrative Heritage                                             56

Mechanical and Low Pitched Administration                                  57

Improper Differentiation of Line and Staff Functions                       58

Over Centralization                                                                        59

Excessive Use of Conferences, Meetings and Committees               60

Excessive Exaltation of Generalist                                                  61

Favouritism in Administration                                                         62

Shortage of Technical Personnel                                                     63

Imperfect Team-work                                                                     64

Corruption in Administration                                                          65


Chapter IV

Tradition, Development and Modernity                                      67

Tradition and Modernity                                                                 68

What is Development?                                                                    76

Development- A Multi-dimensional Concept                                   78


Chapter V

Role of Intellectual in National Development                             81

Intellectual and Social Transformation                                            82

Role of Academic Intellectual                                                         89

Role of Administrative Intellectual                                                  92


Chapter VI

Developmental Planning: Government, Education and Development                                                                            95

Role of Government in Development                                              96

Education and Development                                                           98

Planning Education for Development                                              99

Education, Human Resources and Development                            100

Strategy of Human Resource Development                                   105


Chapter VII

Summary and Conclusions                                                         115


Review of Literature                                                                   127

The British Impact on the Indian Subcontinent                               127

Obstacles to Change and Development                                          128

Tradition, Development and Modernity                                         129

Role of Intellectual                                                                       131

Education and Development                                                         133


Bibliography     137