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Books     Social Sciences     Destitute Children in Bangladesh Institutional Provisions for their Welfare
Destitute Children in Bangladesh Institutional Provisions for their Welfare

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List of Contents                                                                                            vii

List of Tables                                                                                                 xi

List of Diagrams                                                                                         xiii

Acronyms                                                                                                    xiv

Glossary                                                                                                        xv


Chapter One

Introduction                                                                                                21

       Background                                                                                           21

       Rationale of the Study                                                                          25

       Operational Definition of Key Terms                                                  26

       Objectives of the Study                                                                        30

       Research Methodology                                                                         30

       Chapter Outline                                                                                     32


Chapter Two

UN Convention on the Rights of the Child Revisited                            35


Chapter Three

International Conventions on the Rights of the Child

and the Position in Bangladesh                                                                51

Historical Background of the Convention on the Rights of the

Child (CRC) 1989                                                                                        51

A Brief Critical Review of UN CRC                                                          52

Implementation of the Various Conventions Related to Child

Rights in Bangladesh                                                                                   53


Chapter Four

Existing Situation of the Destitute Children and Initiatives

for their Welfare in Bangladesh                                                               57

Analysis of Current Situation                                                                     57

       Birth Registration                                                                                  57

       Child Health Malnutrition and Child Mortality                                  58

       Healthy Environment                                                                            58

       Disabled Children                                                                                 59

       Education for All                                                                                   60

       Street Children                                                                                       60

       Child Labor                                                                                            62

       Child Trafficking                                                                                   63

       Suffering of Children in Custody                                                        64

       Plight of Brothel Children                                                                    64

       Children Affected With HIV/AIDS                                                     65

       Initiatives at Various Level                                                                  65

       Government Sector                                                                               66

       Non-Government Sector                                                                       71

       International Organizations                                                                  72

       Local Organizations                                                                              76


Chapter Five

Institutions for the Welfare of the Destitute Children in

Rajshahi City                                                                                               79

Introduction to Rajshahi City                                                                     79

       Historical Background and Location                                                   79

       Historical Places                                                                                    80

       Educational Institutions and Socio-cultural Organizations               80

       Socio-political Movement                                                                    82

       Population                                                                                              82

       Religion and Occupation                                                                      82

       Communication System                                                                        82

       Rajshahi City Administration                                                              83

       Map of the Rajshahi City                                                                      83

       Organogram of Rajshahi City Corporation                                         84

       Welfare Services for the Destitute Children                                        84

       Institutions Providing Different Services with

       Accommodation Facilities                                                                    85

       Institutions in Government Sector                                                       85

       Institutions in Non-Government Sector                                              86

       Institutions Providing Different Services without

       Accommodation                                                                                    95



Chapter Six

Existing Services for the Welfare of the Destitute Children

in Rajshahi City                                                                                          97

Pattern of Services For the Destitute Children                                          97

       Socio-Economic Status of the Destitute Children                              97

       Reasons for their Destitution                                                             104

       Service Pattern for the Destitute Children                                         106

       Limitations of the Services Provided                                                122


Chapter Seven

Summary and Recommendations                                                          129

Summary of the Study                                                                               129

Recommendations                                                                                     132


Bibliography                                                                                             135