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Books     Social Sciences     Sustainable Governance Bangladesh Perspective
Sustainable Governance Bangladesh Perspective

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Introduction                                                                                             17

Part One: Environment and Climate Change                                    23

1.  Environmental Compliance Procedures in Development Projects of Local Government in Bangladesh: Major Weaknesses and Implications                                                    25

     A. K. M. Mahmudul Haque

2. Right to a Safe and Healthy Environment: An Introduction

     to Green Rights                                                                           45

     Asma Al Amin  

3.  Climate Refugees in Bangladesh: Gender Difference in Psychological Well-Being and Depression                               53

     Eamin Zahan Heanoy

     Osman Gani

     Nasreen Wadud

4.  Climate Change Impact in Bangladesh: Environment and Biodiversity                                                                                 63

     Shamim Hosen

Part Two: Economic Sustainability                                                     75

5   Supply Chain Management in Readymade Garment

     Industry of Bangladesh                                                               77

     Mohammad Hassan

6   Trade Liberalisation and LDC’s Share in International Trade under the WTO Regime: An Evaluation of the Linkage          91                                                                                                         

     Md. Mehedi Hasan

7   Exploring the Unexplored: Sustainable Development through Energy Trade between Bangladesh and India                         107

     Natasha Sharma

8   Quest for Transparency andAccountability: Revisiting the

     Regulatory Regime for NGO Governance in Bangladesh     115

     Md. Al- Ifran Hossain Mollah

9   Self Reliant Village Cooperative Society at the Age of Globalisation: A Case of Comprehensive Village Development Programme                                                                                 133

     M. Kamrul Hasan

     Nasima Akhter


Part Three: Human Sustainability

10 The Experience of a Community-driven Development Project in Bangladesh                                                                          141

      Parvaz Azharul Huq

11 Debunking the Drug Abuse-Crime Interplay: A Study on the Youths of Selected Urban Areas of Munshiganj District, Bangladesh                                                                               153

      Tauhid Hossain Khan

12 Perceptions Regarding the Significance of the Measurement of Human Capital on HR Decisions in Bangladesh: A Human Resource Accounting (HRA) perspective                             173                                                                                                        

      Mohammad Fakhrul Islam

      Golam Mahbubul Alam

13 Skill Development Challenges of Bangladesh and Korea’s Economic Emancipation: A comparative Study                   185

      Humaira Naznin

      Sadiya Binte Karim


Part Four: Disaster Management and Development                      197

14 Irrigation Management by Participatory Approach in the Philippines: Lessons for Bangladesh                                     199

      Md. Azizur Rahman

15 Political Response to Disaster Management in Bangladesh 211

      Md. Shafiul Islam

16 Renewable Energy in Bangladesh: Some Evidences from Rural Areas                                                                               223

      Kora Hasan Evana

17 Dams and Development: The Kaptai Hydro Electricity Project Revisited                                                                                   237

      Mahfuzul Haque