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Women in Public Management in Bangladesh

Written By : Dr. Masuda Kamal

Book Code : 978-984-926

Price : 550

Dr. Masuda Kamal

Chapter I                                                                                                      

Introduction                                                                                                19

Background                                                                                                19

Review of Literature                                                                                   25

Objectives                                                                                                   29


Chapter II

Public Management: A Conceptual Analysis                                              37

Management and Public, two Constituents of Public Management              38

         Management                                                                                       38

         Management and Administration Relationship                                   39

         Public: Vector of Public Administration/Management                        40

Management and Public Administration Relationship                                 43

         Historical Background of Relationship                                               43

         Theoretical Perspective of Relationship                                              44

Public Management in Paradigmatic Jungle                                                47

Perspectives of Public Management                                                            51

         Public Management as Craft                                                               53

         Public Management as Institution                                                       54

         Public Management: As a Vocation                                                    55

Functional Framework of Public Management                                            56  

         Strategy                                                                                              57

         Managing Internal Components                                                         57

         Managing External Constituencies                                                     58

Conclusion                                                                                                  60


Chapter III

System of Public Administration: The Locus of

Public Management in Bangladesh                                                            61

Background of Public Administration in Bangladesh                                  61

Constitutional basis of Public Administration and management                 65

Structure of Public Administration                                                              67

       Parliament, the Legislative Body                                                          67

       The Judiciary                                                                                       67

       Central Administration, the Executive Organ                                       68

       Field Administration                                                                            70

       Local Government: Part of Public Administration                               72

Reform Moves for Shaping Public Management                                         74

Conclusion                                                                                                  79


Chapter IV

Women in Public Administration and Management in Bangladesh            81

Women in Bangladesh Society                                                                    82

Constitutional Guarantee                                                                             83

General Policies towards Women Advancement                                        84

Women’s Access to Education, the Turning Point                                      86

Women Employment                                                                                  87

       Employment in Garments Industry                                                      88

       Overseas Employment                                                                         89

Women Employment in Public Administration                                           89

       Background Realities                                                                           89

       Quota system                                                                                      90

       Facilitating Functional Rules                                                                91

Women Employment in the Different Organ of Administration                  91

       Participation of Women in Cabinet                                                      92

       Employees of different Rank and Categories ministries,

       directorates and corporations                                                              92

       Civil Officers and Staff in the Ministries, Directorates,

       Autonomous Bodies and Corporations                                          94

       Employees in Police Force                                                                   94

Women’s Position in Relevance to Public Management                              95

       Women at the Central Public Management                                           96

       Women at the Field Level Public Management                                    97

Conclusion                                                                                                  97


Chapter V

Public Management in the Upazila Administration                                    99

Upazila Public Management System                                                           99

Structural Subsystem of Upazila Public Management                               100 

        Upazila Parishad, the Local Government Body Leading

        Upazila Public Management (UPM)                                                  100

        Functions of Upazila Parishad                                                           104

        Transferred and Retained Functions of Upazila                                 106

        Public Breaucracy at Upazila Administration                                     107

        Committees in Upazila Administration                                              113

Functional Subsystem of Upazila Public Management                              113

        Formulation of Strategies                                                                  115

        Managing Internal Components                                                         117

        Managing External Constituencies                                                     118

Political Subsystem of Upazila Public Management                                  118

Overall Status of Upazila Public Management                                           118


Chapter VI

Women in Upazila Public Management:Findings and Analysis               121

UNOs Understudy                                                                                    122

Strategic Functions of UNO                                                                      123

       Participation in the UZP Meeting                                                       123

                  Role in Planning and Budgeting                                              126

                  Compliance of Rules and Regulations                                     131

Managing Internal Components                                                                133

       Administrative Role of UNO                                                             133

       Monitoring the Activities                                                                   136

       Coordination                                                                                      136

       Financial Management                                                                       140

Managing External Constituencies                                                            140

       Contextual Factors in Managing Externalities                                    141

       Reporting the Realities                                                                       142

       Support Base of U NO in the Constituencies                                     143

Threats to UNOs’ Professionalism                                                            144

Conclusion                                                                                                146


Chapter VII

Concluding Remarks                                                                                147

Women’s Crossroad to Public Management                                              147

Realities with Women in Public Management                                           148

Problems for Women in Public Management                                            150

Recommendations for Facilitating Women in Public Management            152


Bibliography                                                                                            155

Annexure-I                                                                                              171

Annexure-II                                                                                             174

Annexure-III                                                                                           196